FORT CARSON, Colo. -- The Army's Installation Management Command honored Hal Alguire, Fort Carson's director of Public Works, with the Central Region Stalwart Award for 2011 at an awards dinner Dec. 5 in San Antonio.

The award is presented to a Soldier or civilian employee from each IMCOM region who stands out as a model leader and exemplifies the spirit of IMCOM's mission and vision.

Roderick Chisholm, deputy garrison commander, Fort Carson, was selected as the Central Region runner-up for his accomplishments while serving as the deputy garrison commander and director of Public Works at Fort Hood, Texas.

"Hal Alguire is richly deserving of the IMCOM Stalwart Award with all he has done for Fort Carson during a time of constant transition and growth," said Col. David Grosso, garrison commander. "He has shown time and again how committed he is to improving the environment where Soldiers and Families live and work. He is a dedicated professional who always goes the extra mile to ensure the mission is accomplished.

Grosso also commended Chisholm for his achievement.

"Rod Chisholm is one of the best civilians I have ever worked with in my career. As runner-up for the Stalwart Award he is an outstanding example for the rest of the workforce."

Alguire, a 1978 West Point engineering graduate, served as the DPW director while on active duty from 2002-2004 and again after retiring, when the position was converted to a civilian slot in 2007.
During his time as civilian director of the DPW, Alguire has led the physical transformation of Fort Carson from a supporting installation into the expeditionary home of the 4th Infantry Division in a few short years.

Through his leadership and drive, Fort Carson now leads the Army in sustainable development and infrastructure. This is evidenced by Fort Carson currently having the most U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design certified buildings in the federal government.

Achievements noted in his nomination included championing Fort Carson's triple Net Zero initiatives for energy, water and waste. With his support, the Army Compatible Use Buffer Program was substantially completed; ensuring Fort Carson can sustain training for years to come.

Under his management, numerous local initiatives have been successfully completed, including the development of a Fort Carson Resiliency Campus, wellness facilities and one-way street transformations that alleviate traffic congestion and provide better facilities for the community. He was a major part of groundbreaking a new rod and gun club by spearheading a partnership with the El Paso County Sheriff's Department and other private sector organizations, resulting in only limited resourcing by the garrison.

Additionally, his team completed a sustainable renovation of the DPW's building 1219, which is the first major LEED Gold standard renovation project in the Army.

In September 2011, Alguire volunteered to deploy for three months to Afghanistan as part of a Mobile Training Team to coach, mentor and train Base Operating Support personnel at seven Forward Operating Bases.

In his nomination, Chisholm is credited with identifying and nominating 36 best practices for sharing across the U.S. Army Installation Management Command, many of which were adopted fully or in part by other installations, including the Fort Hood Civilian Leadership Development Program: the Mock Billing Program; and the Fort Hood Orientation of New Employees Program. He served as the deployment director for the Executive Quality Council, which identified a financial benefit of $5.7 million supported by Lean Six Sigma methodology.

In fiscal 2011, he managed the obligation of more than $550 million in direct and reimbursable funding. Chisholm led a contract review board process resulting in 93 contracts being awarded to meet installation requirements while netting a cost benefit of $3.8 million, according to the nomination. Chisholm championed the garrison's effort to develop and implement the Fort Hood Strategic Plan 2020 -- the integrated III Corps and Fort Hood Strategic Plan consisted of 73 garrison supporting objectives which seamlessly incorporated 60 approved metrics from the Installation Management Campaign Plan, the nomination states.

Chisholm was instrumental in the success of the Fort Hood Civilian Leadership Development Program, a formal system to develop future leaders and supervisors across the installation. The training includes high-performance leadership techniques and specific training on the Installation Management Campaign Plan lines of effort and keys to success. He is also credited for revising the Garrison Awards Program to properly recognize distinctive achievements, superior performance and dedicated service for both military and civilian employees.

"My compliments to Rod and Hal for these prestigious accomplishments and their tremendous years of service to Soldiers, Families, civilians and the nation," Grosso said.