FORT SILL, Okla.-- The Lawton/Fort Sill Bass Anglers (LFSBA) is preparing for our 2013 tournament season with anticipation of another great year of competition and enjoyment.

The LFSBA boast the longest running fishing heritage within the Lawton-Fort Sill community, and it serves as an outlet for Soldiers and civilians alike to enjoy and promote bass fishing. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethical fishing in our area as well as educating others of our sport.

Each year, the club supports Fort Sill by providing volunteers and equipment during the Youth Fishing Derby in June, as well as assisting in other fishing tournaments and functions to raise money for various charities within the community.

The LFSBA begins each season with the first meeting on the first Wednesday in February (Feb. 7) at 7 p.m. in the classroom at the Fort Sill Natural Resources, Bldg. 1465.

We invite those interested and wishing to know more about the club to join us that night.

Individuals who would like to join do not have to own a boat, and we make every effort to accommodate all nonboaters throughout the tournament season. Yearly membership dues are $35.

The club finished the 2012 tournament season with another great year of competition.

During the eight bass tournaments from March through October, there were 219 bass weighed for a total of 381.39 pounds. Our largest single-tournament total came from Fort Cobb Lake in June, where 31 bass were weighed at 86.92 pounds.

We asked members of the club to give us a moment or memory of what it's like to be a member of the club. It's easy to see where the camaraderie gives way more than just a day on the water.

What is your most memorable tournament moment?

Kevin Jones replied, "Roger (Rietcheck) falling out of the boat at Lake Arbuckle." Rietcheck's pride was the only thing hurt, but he did take a pretty good ribbing for weeks to come. He made up for it later with this nice Arbuckle fish.

Archie Williams said: "I remember once hearing someone yelling like they were in trouble and I looked up the lake and saw John Ferguson holding up a big fish. He wasn't hurt or in trouble just excited." It turned out to be a nice largemouth.

Steve Sells said his memorable moment was John Deel catching a crank-bait in his hand two tournaments in a row. He said he fished the tournaments just so he could give Deel side cutters to cut crank-baits out of his hand.

John Ferguson stated, "I fish because of the people and for the chance to catch a trophy fish."
I think that says it best.

Want to make a memory? For more information, contact Deel at 678-5820, Ferguson at 678-0701, or Sean Rietcheck at 917-6675 or visit the Lawton/Fort Sill Bass Anglers on Facebook.