The Fort Leonard Wood Fire Department is the proud owner of a new high tech fire safety trailer built by BullEX. This new trailer will be used to help teach adults and children about fire safety, as well as storm safety, whereas the old trailer was really only big enough for children to go through.

"This is one of the best things we've done for Fort Leonard Wood, for Families. I'm real proud that they asked for it, and I'm glad that we were able to get it," said Gail Williamson, Garrison Resource Management director

The new trailer is fully interactive and is run from an iPad. Lessons to be learned include how to use a fire extinguisher and how to get out of your house using two different exits. It will also demonstrate what some of the different kitchen hazards look like and how to properly deal with them -- a microwave that shorts out and a stovetop and oven that catches on fire, which can be put out using a laser fire extinguisher.

Just a few feet away, or down the hall of what seems to be a little house is a room decorated just as any toddlers room would be. The difference between a child's room and this one is this one is programmed for smoke to come pouring in under the door. The door itself gets hot to the touch, so children will learn to test and see if it safe to open it. A ladder leading out the bedroom window allows children to climb to safety.

The storm package can simulate a tornado, hurricane, earthquake and flood. Tornados can happen any time of the year in this part of the country so this is invaluable training for those who have never been through one. The storm scenario can be selected and played out on the flat screen television on the wall in the kitchen while the room interacts with it. Lightning crashes in the window, the room shakes and the lights go out.

"Our new fire safety trailer allows us to tie fire safety in our residence areas here on post with the safety measures that kids learn in school plus some of our new homes. This simulator very much mirrors the design and layout of the Woodlands neighborhood off of Pulaski road. There are 160 units over there for junior enlisted and company grade officers. The way this simulator is designed it very much looks like this inside of those homes, so what a great way to marry up the simulator with the fire safety program and the folks over there in the Woodlands area as well as the rest of the community as we try to take care of everybody and try to have a safe and very happy holiday," said Col. William Pfeffer, Garrison commander.

BullEx designed this trailer to be very realistic and the training you and your child receive from the Fort Leonard Wood Fire Department here could very well save both of your lives, officials said.

Contact the Fort Leonard Wood Fire Department, at 596.3284 for more information on when and where the new fire safety trailer will be available for public display.