YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - The American Society of Military Comptrollers Korea Chapter hosted children from an Incheon orphanage for a Good Neighbor event May 10 at Yongsan's Family Fun Park.

Thirty children from Zion Orphanage played a round of mini-golf at the Putt Putt Golf Course and enjoyed hotdogs and hamburgers at Commiskey's.

"We try to sponsor an orphanage twice a year for different events," said Col. Les Brehm, U.S. Forces Korea assistant chief of staff for resource management. "It's a way for us to reach out as part of the Good neighbor program. It's something we can do to help our relationship with the Korean locals."

Four to five children played as one team while a teacher from the orphanage or members from ASMC made sure the children were playing safely.

"We've all had children. And they are the most important things we can have," said Scott McCue of 8th U.S. Army Resource Management. "Just to see a little smile on their faces is worth anything."

Lee Sung Jae, a guidance counselor from the orphanage, thanked the ASMC members for preparing this event. "I really appreciate what the ASMC has prepared for the children today," he said. "For the kids, just to come out and play mini-golf is just great."

"Playing golf was great," said 13-year-old Kim Gwang min. "I especially liked speaking to Americans," he said. "I like speaking English."

Zion orphanage first started with 40 children in Kunsan in the Jeon-ra province in 1953 during the Korean War. It moved to Incheon in 1957 and has had continued to care for children ever since. Today, 100 children live in Zion orphanage.