YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - Bodybuilders flexed their physiques May 10 at the 2008 Bodybuilding Contest at Yongsan's Moyer Theatre.

Nineteen contestants - organizers say one of the largest turn-outs in 50 years - muscle-bound competitors showed off their forms in front of four judges and more than 200 hundred fans.

"This is a good event because it gives them [contestants] an incentive and motivation to get their bodies in shape," said Sgt. Maj. Elijah Jones, who assumed the dual role of host of the event and contestant in the lightweight category. "There's a lot of ways to get in shape, and bodybuilding is one of them."

The judges evaluated the contestants on muscle group development, overall symmetry of upper and lower body, left and right, and the poise and fluidity with which the contestants struck their poses.

Judges awarded trophies to the first and second-place winners in each category, along with awards for the best poser and top male and female.

"I think the field this year especially the light-heavy men was very competitive," said Tracey Briggs, one of the judges. "We had a lot of folks really prepared for the show come out this time."

After over two hours of contest and deliberation, Staff Sgt. Crystal Yasir and Staff Sgt. Lancaster Ladore emerged victorious in women's and men's category, respectively.

"This exceeded my expectations," said Ladore, who participated in the event for the first time. "I really have a passion for working out. I tried my best and I was fortunate enough to come up top."

"I thought the show was very interesting," said spectator Command Sgt. Maj. Dennis Ware. "It takes a lot of work to be the way they are. Compliments to all of them."

2008 Yongsan Bodybuilding Contest winners

Overall winners
Best Poser: Michael Harris
Women's: Crystal Yasir
Men's: Lancaster Ladore


Lightweight (114-124 pounds):
First: Crystal Yasir

Heavyweight (125 and over):
First: Chiquita Green
Second: Shelia Beville


Lightweight (157 and under):
First: Kendrick Hagwood
Second: Elijah Jones

Middleweight (158-180):
First: Lancaster Ladore
Second: William Crenshaw

Light heavyweight (181-198):
1st: Ng Kenika
2nd: Joseph Sansone

Heavyweight (199 and over):
1st: Sung Kato