VILSECK, Germany -- In honor of Military Family Appreciation Month, Army Community Service sponsored an essay contest asking members of USAG Grafenwoehr to nominate, in 500 words or less, a local family for recognition. Essays highlighted families' volunteer work, outreach and philanthropy within the community. ACS chose one family to be recognized publicly each week in November.

Staff Sgt. Danny Seely, 574th Quartermaster Supply Company, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, nominated the Feathers as an outstanding family because of their generosity and willingness to give to the Grafenwoehr community. Spc. Denton Feather, 574th Quartermaster Supply Company, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, and his wife, Elizabeth, have three sons: Hayden, Brayden and Roman.

Military Family Appreciation Month Essay -- The Feather Family

I am nominating the Feather family to be recognized as a military family that goes above and beyond. The Feather family has been volunteering in the Grafenwoehr community since their arrival in 2010. Spc. Feather and his wife, Elizabeth, started by taking over as coaches for their son's soccer team. The team's original coach was unable to complete the season due to a work obligation.

After completing the soccer season in 2010, the Feathers went on to coach basketball in the winter and T-ball in the spring. Elizabeth continued to coach and give to the community while she was pregnant with the couple's third child. During the spring 2012 soccer season, Spc. Feather took over coaching a soccer team whose coach failed to report. He continued to coach the team for the rest of the season. Elizabeth is currently coaching their son's soccer team with the youngest child strapped to her back.

In 2011, the 574th QMSC started their FRG from scratch. Elizabeth volunteered to be the co-leader of the group. She planned and implemented the general meeting and attended training conferences to help her excel in her position. Spc. Feather volunteers with the FRG and assists with the various fundraisers and setup for the meetings. After the birth of their third child, Elizabeth had to step down as co-leader into the FRG secretary position so she could better fulfill her family's needs.

Elizabeth has also volunteered for various fundraisers, such as Equal Opportunity luncheons, selling chocolates and cards for Valentine's Day, gift wrapping at the PX for Christmas, and volunteered at battalion organizational days.

Spc. Feather and Elizabeth have volunteered over 685 hours to the Grafenwoehr community. They plan to continue to give back to the community and set an example for others to follow. Together, they have made Grafenwoehr a better place for military families.