HEIDELBERG, Germany -- U.S. European Command anti-terrorism officials want to remind U.S. forces personnel stationed in Europe to avoid being targeted by terrorist or criminal forces by blending in and not standing out from the crowd. One way to do that is to remove decals and stickers that identify a privately owned vehicle as belonging to an American.

Army in Europe Regulation 190-1 (Driver and Vehicle Requirements and the Installation Traffic Code for the U.S. Forces in Germany), which applies to forces stationed in Germany, states that installation and Department of Defense decals not issued in Europe, such as installation access stickers issued at bases in the U.S., must be removed from vehicles before they are registered in Europe.

Displaying decals, stickers or banners on USAREUR-registered vehicles other than those authorized may result in cancellation of a vehicle's registration, failure of the mechanical inspection, or both.

Additionally, displaying license plates or decals in violation of AER 190-1 is a traffic violation that can result in a driver having two points assessed to his license.

The only emblems authorized for display on USAREUR-registered vehicles are:

-- Installation verification decals issued to employees of non-DoD agencies who work on or have routine access to U.S. military installations

-- German environmental emissions control decals

-- Handicap parking permits

-- European highway vignettes indicating that highway fees have been paid

-- Expiration decals issued with initial and renewal registrations

-- An oval international "USA" decal purchased by the owner is required if the vehicle crosses international borders using U.S. Forces "non European-style" license plates

More information on registration and driving requirements for U.S. forces personnel in Europe can be found at https://aepubs.army.mil/pdfpubs/AER190-1_1003801!.pdf or by checking with your local vehicle registration office.