FORT SILL, Okla. (29 Nov. 2012) -- The officers and senior noncommissioned officers from 214th Fires Brigade served Thanksgiving dinner to Soldiers and family members Nov. 22 at Guns and Rockets Dining Facility here.

The leaders of the brigade worked in two shifts to serve about 1,200 guests over 90 minutes. The guests included Soldiers, retirees, family members and civilians.

Command Sgt. Maj. M.E. Giles, 214th FiB CSM, awarded the food service team with Army Achievement medals and brigade coins for their dedication to duty and hard work to accomplish the mission.

Once the doors opened to begin serving the Thanksgiving feast, the main attraction was the turkey. For many Soldiers, the prepared feast was a little piece of home on a day many of them spent away from their loved ones or families.

Pvt. Jeffrey Gayjones is new to Fort Sill having only arrived two weeks ago. His wife came from Fort Campbell, Ky., to be with him on Thanksgiving, but being away from home during the holiday has been tough and a new experience.

"It helps a lot to be here and to have this really delicious food," said Gayjones. "It really makes me feel like I am back at home almost."

Many of Soldiers do not get to go back home for Thanksgiving, so the DFAC staff gives the Soldiers that back home Thanksgiving meal. This makes it all more meaningful for everyone involved.

"I have been on both sides of the world," said Gwendolyn Cunningham, brigade food services adviser." The Army life and the family life, and I can truly tell you that there is a difference.

"It makes it all better because we have this day, versus ignoring that day," said Cunningham.

Thanksgiving at the DFAC was a time where Soldiers called the shots and were served by their superiors who did not seem to mind serving them.

"There is such a small amount of people who volunteer to serve their country," said Maj. Tim Diley, the 214th FiB S-3. "It means that much more for us as leaders to tell our Soldiers 'thank you' and serve them their Thanksgiving dinner."

While the turkey, stuffing and desserts were all appreciated, it was also a time where Soldiers and their families had time to enjoy one another's company and recognize what they are truly thankful for.

Photos of this event and other activities that have happened in the 214th Fires Brigade, can be viewed on the brigade's new official Facebook page at