GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- Being healthy nowadays is much more involved than noshing on an apple a day and scheduling an occasional trip to the gym.

"Proper health requires the overall well-being of one's mind, body and spirit," said Kettely Darden, Employee Assistance Program coordinator.

A new initiative by the EAP coined "Tune-Up Thursdays" delves further into this well-being lifestyle, offering the civilian workforce insight into the six main components of personal health -- emotional, spiritual, social, environmental, mental and physical -- with monthly workshops given by subject matter expert in various fields on a variety of topics.

These workshops toss out the idea of "death by PowerPoint" by involving the participants in group discussions, unique exercise workouts, recipes for healthy relationships and outdoor adventures to commune with nature.

Although many of the services have been available to the workforce for some time, Tune-Up Thursdays presents these resources in a neatly wrapped package, making it easier and more accessible to the community.

"We've collaborated with several Army agencies to provide a full range of opportunities for our workforce to obtain that health," said Darden.

EAP is currently working with Army Community Service, the fitness centers, religious support, environmental services, Bavaria Medical Department Activity and the Wellness Center, just to name a few. The intent is to offer preventive measures to create overall healthful habits.

"If you have someone who is healthy physically but not mentally then problems can arise," said Darden. "When we take care of ourselves, our whole selves, we tend to be better functioning in every aspect of our lives."

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Stanley Copeland will help participants awaken their spirit Dec. 6 with a workshop entitled "Spirituality, a Natural High." A morning session will take place on the Grafenwoehr post from 10-11 a.m., followed by an afternoon workshop to accommodate those in Rose Barracks from 1-2 p.m. Topics of education, nutrition, wellness and environmental will be presented starting in the new year.

"We want the community to remember that they're important; their health is important," said Darden. "The work will always be there, the stresses will always be there. Take time to tune-up."

For more information, or to sign up for an upcoming workshop, call DSN 475-5122, 476-2503, CIV 09641-83-5122, 09662-83-2503 or e-mail