ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala.--Officials here hosted a day-long visit May 8 from the Army Materiel Command Deputy Commanding General Lt. Gen. William Mortensen, who saw an updated glimpse of a healthy depot workload.

Mortensen and others from AMC headquarters at Fort Belvoir, Va., began their Anniston visit in the Stanley Maintenance Facility where vehicles such as the M1 Abrams, Paladin, Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle and M88 are overhauled.

The same facility houses the welding work required for the depot's Stryker reset program.

Ted Law, process optimization manager for the vehicle value stream, said the 54-year-old, 5-acre vehicle repair facility inside the Nichols Industrial Complex does not have a lot of permanent fixtures, so work areas can adjust to fluctuating program schedules.

The same concept was used in the new construction of the powertrain flexible facility, which is scheduled to open here in September with fully remanufactured diesel engines going out the door by December. Unlike the current process in the reciprocating value stream where parts flow to and from support shops, the powertrain facility is set up to have 97 percent of the engine parts remanufactured inside the same building.

"It looks like this facility is going to have a dramatic effect on the depot's workload," said Mortensen.

The contract for the powertrain building was awarded in 2005 under previous Depot Commander Col. Alexander Raulerson, who accompanied Mortensen on the visit as the AMC director of maintenance management. The 142,000-square-foot flexible facility will blend current depot equipment such as test cells with new machinery and computer systems.

Depot Commander Col. S.B. Keller and Deputy to the Commander Jack Cline escorted the general and his staff through other areas of depot operation such as the small arms repair center and the reciprocating and turbine engine value streams.

Mortensen toured the area where the depot plans to house future transmission work. Several depot mechanics were recently certified by original equipment manufacturer Allison Transmission, so depot officials anticipate additional transmission models being incorporated into the production lines here.