When you first come to Fort Campbell, one of the things you are given is a small blue book that has all of the policies and regulations that are in effect for all Soldiers stationed here. The book has recently been updated and some changes have been made.

"It's hard to enforce standards and discipline when Soldiers at all levels are not sure of what the standard is," said Command Sgt. Maj. Alonzo J. Smith, 101st Airborne Division command sergeant major.

"There's basic Army standards, and then there's certain do's and don'ts and guidelines here for Fort Campbell; so aside from basic Soldiering standards of discipline and conduct, here on Fort Campbell, there was some confusion as to what is acceptable and what is not because Soldiers have come from another post."

Every Soldier at all levels that arrives at Fort Campbell will receive a blue book prior to leaving the Kalsu 20th Replacement Company.

If a Soldier ever loses their blue book, there are two locations they can acquire a new one: the replacement staff duty desk and the staff duty desk at the Division headquarters building. Soldiers can also get an electronic copy of it by going to the 101st portal page under the "Command Group" tab, "DCSM" and toward the bottom of the page, there is a clickable link named "Updated Blue Book 23 Aug. 12."

Fort Campbell leadership is also looking into the possibility of making it an application for smart phones and tablets.

"If you look at nothing else in the blue book, read at least page 7," Smith said. "That is the page that has the regulations Soldiers don't follow and end up on courtesy patrol because of."

"In the old blue book, you could wear PT's off post to get gas or deal with quick emergencies, but you couldn't on post, so we changed that," Smith said.

"Soldiers are authorized to go to a shoppette and shoppettes only to make a quick stop for bread, milk, water or a drink in the Army physical fitness uniform; but with that being said, they can't venture to the other side of the shoppettes that serve food."

The updated book is currently available to all incoming Soldiers who process through the Kalsu 20th Replacement Company.

"Division is going to hand out all the blue books to each of the brigade sergeants major to pass out to all their Soldiers at each of the [brigade combat teams]," said Sgt. 1st Class Brian Ross, cadre noncommissioned officer in charge of the Kalsu 20th Replacement Company. "All incoming Soldiers, after the books get printed, will be issued a blue book when they in-process to the 101st. If you are already assigned here you would have to get one from your brigade."