ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - Twelve Soldiers from the 8th Ordnance Company, Fort Bragg, N.C., recently helped the APG Garrison's Directorate of Logistics inventory ammunition at its Ammunition Supply Point. The Soldiers began Oct. 31 and concluded their operations Nov. 09.

The Soldiers worked under the direction of Keri Hoy, chief of the Ammunition Branch; and Tim Bowers, munitions supervisor at the ASP, Bldg. 714. DOL conducts a 100 percent inventory on the ASP's 42 magazines on a quarterly basis.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Anthony Hall, ammunition officer for the 8th Ordnance Company, led the mission. Hall said most of the unit's Soldiers have recently graduated from Advanced Individual Training, and that this is their first opportunity to work at an ASP. He added that the Soldiers were chosen for this assignment based on their knowledge, training needs and aptitude. Because there is no ASP at Fort Bragg, the Soldiers that work at APG's ASP get a unique learning experience.

"This is an opportunity for these Soldiers to practice their MOS (Military Occupation Specialty), so they can stay proficient in their jobs," he said. "The Soldiers are excited to be here. This is a win-win situation for everybody."

The Soldiers hold the MOS of 89A, ammunition stock control and accounting specialist, and 89B, ammunition specialist. The nine 89Bs were responsible for recording 4,000 stacks of ammunition boxes and containers on inventory count sheets. The 89Bs gave the inventory sheets to the two 89As, who processed the data into a computer system.

The day before they completed their mission, DOL Director Gene Schneck and APG Garrison Commander Col. Gregory McClinton personally thanked the unit and gave each Soldier a Commander's Coin for their effort.

"Be safe out there, make good decisions, and do the right thing," McClinton said. "We appreciate what you do here."

This is the second time the unit assisted DOL. Over the summer, Soldiers from the unit helped DOL inventory and reduce its ammunition supply. Hall added that a team of 8th Ordnance Soldiers will conduct the next ASP inventory in February.

"We want to come here to work, as much as possible," Hall said.