ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- A team of 39 TACOM Life Cycle Management Command subject matter experts in areas ranging from human resources and training to security and maintenance arrived at Anniston Army Depot Nov. 5 poised to inspect the installation, noting best practices and areas for improvement.

What they found was an outstanding workforce willing to not only meet, but exceed the standards set.

Of the 46 areas scrutinized by the team, 42 were given outstanding ratings; three were listed as satisfactory, meaning the standard was met; and in one area the inspection was deferred until a staff assistance visit to discuss newly developed regulations could be held.

"I saw a lot of green ratings. As a new commander, I feel good," said Col. Brent Bolander, ANAD's commander. "We now have to sustain it to make sure our systems and processes stay in place. We need to sustain the green, outstanding ratings and be even better tomorrow."

Each inspection area fell within the area of expertise for the evaluator and often corresponded with their job at TACOM. This meant not only were ANAD employees assessed by knowledgeable individuals, employees in the various inspection areas also had face time with their higher headquarters counterparts.

"Coming down here with our team and getting to meet the people who work the same programs, it builds camaraderie," said Marie Germundson TACOM's acting G3 and the team leader for the inspection.

The main purpose for the evaluation process is to give the depot's commander, Col. Brent Bolander, an overview of the depot's status and its potential areas of improvement.

"Even though it is called a command inspection, that's really a misnomer," said Brian Kelley, TACOM's OCONUS Plans and Exercises team leader. "We are here to assist the depot commander - to see where he is with regulations and to help him get where he needs to be."

The team was also on a mission to gather best practices and model processes that can be utilized at other installations or, perhaps, across TACOM. A number of these were noted at the Nov. 8 inspection outbriefing, such as:

•,Antiterrorism: Gary Burt, the installation's antiterrorism officer was named AMC 2011 Program Manager of the year and the depot's program was listed as a model for all depots.

•,Personally identifiable information program, which was also called a model program.

•,Records management -- a best practice AMC-wide.

•,Physical security, which was also praised as a model program.

•,Management controls, which was termed an outstanding program by its evaluators and listed as a best practice.

"I knew, coming in, that you all would do very well," said Maj. Gen. Michael Terry, commander of TACOM. "I appreciate the professionalism in this organization. Anniston has a national and internal reputation. You all live up to it each day."