YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- Commiskey's has opened back up to the Yongsan community as a Commiskey's Community Activity Center (CCAC), providing quality events and activities for Servicemembers, Families and Civilians. The ribbon cutting ceremony and the "Soft Opening" were held here, Nov. 19.

"The rededication of Commiskey's Community Activity Center remains true to the community," said Col. Michael E. Masley, garrison commander of USAG Yongsan. "We remain committed to enhance the community's life, fostering readiness, promoting mental and physical fitness, and delivering a quality living environment here in Yongsan."

CCAC will engage in and host rental basis events such as conferences, training, banquets, and unit social events. With the help of Army Community Services, it will also be providing numerous teaching classes.

U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Michael Huebner, network administrator for U.S. Marine Forces Korea G-6, expressed his expectations of the facility and emphasized the importance of the rededication and recognition of Commiskey.

"This rededication means a lot to not only the community but also to 1st Lt. Commiskey who did something great for this nation," Huebner said. "They did a fantastic job here and everybody is going to enjoy this place. All the Servicemembers on Yongsan are always appreciative when the Garrison takes care of us."

Named in honor of the heroic Medal of Honor recipient, 1st Lt. Henry A. Commiskey, who participated in the Korean War, Commiskey's has been used for many different purposes over the past several years on Yongsan.

The facility was initially operated as the U. S. Army Garrison Yongsan Golf Club House during the era of 1978. Then it was redesigned as the principal themed Beverage and Pro Shop Program in 1987, which supported a myriad of special functions, command events, and served distinguished guests and visitors from around the world.