PAJU, Republic of Korea -- Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan conducted reflexive fire marksmanship training at Training Support Activity-Korea, Nov. 15.

The 20 Soldiers partaking in the training were tasked with firing their M16's while in motion. The training allowed Soldiers of HHC, USAG Yongsan to raise overall readiness and combat effectiveness.

"We conducted reflexive fire range training today so that our Soldiers could practice short range marksmanship and hone their skills," said Capt. Vladislav Silayev, the company commander for HHC, USAG Yongsan. "This training is so that we can better conduct our wartime mission."

Silayev explained that in the event of a war-time situation on USAG Yongsan, Soldiers from HHC, USAG Yongsan would be tasked with base defense. In that instance, Soldiers would be required to face combat situations in an urban environment with most of the fighting conducted in short range. Silayev said that the training today directly targeted the skills needed in such instances.

"Our Company is heavily populated with Korean Augmentee to the U.S. Army Soldiers, who typically don't have as much exposure to marksmanship," Silayev said. This training is to ensure that all of the Soldiers in our company would be fully prepared to carry out their war-time mission."

Coupled with the high population of KATUSA Soldiers, Silayev said that HHC, USAG Yongsan also conducted less training than the average unit. The reason for this was because USAG Yongsan was a garrison unit, charged with the proper maintenance and functioning of USAG Yongsan. Silayev reminded, however, that before their responsibilities as members of various offices, every Soldier carried the primary responsibility of being an effective fighter.

"Today's marksmanship training was quite different from usual," said Sgt. Soh Jae Woong, HHC, USAG Yongsan. "Before shooting, I expected it to be easier, but this training helped me realize that I really need more training. Overall, it was a great experience."

In order to increase readiness, HHC, USAG Yongsan hopes to conduct reflexive fire training quarterly. Silayev explained, however, that this would be based on whether the company is provided with additional ammunition. The tentative schedule for the next training is February 2013.