FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (Nov. 15, 2012) -- The Fort Meade Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board is an installation function that protects service members and their families.

The board, which meets quarterly, recently convened on Oct. 10.

The AFDCB provides the garrison commander with a tool to identify, investigate, report and act on conditions within the Fort Meade community that in any way adversely affect the health, safety, welfare, morale and discipline of the armed forces and their families.

Placing a business, locale or activity on the off-limits list is not something the board or the garrison commander takes lightly. The requirements to place an activity on the off-limits list are stringent. All efforts are made by the board members to fully investigate and review any activity that is recommended for off-limits consideration.

Board members can attempt to correct existing adverse situations by contacting local law enforcement or engaging with local civic leaders or officials prior to considering an activity for off-limits status.

If these methods are unsuccessful, the board takes action. If found to be justified, the board makes recommendations to the garrison commander to place businesses, locales or other activities that adversely affect our personnel on the off-limits list.

To consider an activity for off-limits status, board members must first be made aware that a problem exists. Any of the Team Meade partner commanders can provide notification to the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board of potentially adverse conditions that impact this installation.

The board is composed of a wide array of individuals. The voting members of the board are the unit commanders and agency directors whose service members are directly impacted by these conditions.

Voting members are aided by advisory members that include law enforcement, legal, medical, health and environmental protection, public affairs, equal opportunity, fire and safety, religious support, alcohol and substance abuse, personnel and community activities, and consumer affairs representatives.

If requested by board members, civil authorities also can provide subject matter expertise.

A business or activity under consideration for off-limits status is officially notified, and the proprietor is offered the opportunity to appear before the board prior to the board's recommendation to the garrison commander.

Even after an activity is placed on the off-limits list, the board continues to maintain visibility of the establishment or activity. Removal from off-limits status requires a board recommendation to the garrison commander.

If the business or activity resolves the issue that led to its placement on the off-limits list, it can petition the board to be removed from the list.

As a result of the last board, two businesses were recommended for off-limits status for the sale of Spice, a synthetic drug. The board also conducted a review of the existing off-limits locations and recommended they remain on the off-limits list pending further investigation.

The president of the board may call special meetings.

The board will likely expand its review of other establishments in the immediate vicinity of Fort Meade that sell Spice or other synthetic drugs to our service members.

The garrison commander's approved list of off-limits establishments will be advertised through command channels and will be posted on unit bulletin boards.

The Fort Meade off-limits list also will be provided to other military installations within the Military District of Washington.