VICENZA, Italy - The U.S. Ambassador David Thorne hosted a special ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Rome Oct. 30 to honor Paolo Costa, the Italian government's Special Commissioner for the construction of Del Din, the military base formerly known as Dal Molin.Ambassador Thorne credited the success of Del Din to the strong support that the United States received from the highest levels of the Italian government, including the executive, legislative and judicial branches over several years and by several different governments.During the ceremony Ambassador Thorne praised Special Commissioner Costa, calling him "an inspiring representative of the Italian Government, the Veneto and Venezia; a true friend of the US; and a Commissioner who got the job done -- and done well."Ambassador Thorne, on behalf of the United States, presented Special Commissioner Costa with a Certificate of Appreciation, which read: "This award is presented to Paolo Costa for exceptionally far-sighted vision, dedication and leadership which has contributed significantly to the advancement of the Italian-American security partnership and to the lasting endurance of US-Italy relations."Costa said the certificate gave him satisfaction that went beyond personal gratification."I had the privilege to actively contribute and follow up to the international agreements freely undertaken between Italy and the United States of America," Costa said.With these agreements Italy has been able to judiciously interpret its own Constitutional principles fully implementing Article 11 and taking responsibility to support those actions "necessary to a system that ensures peace and justice among nations."The construction of Del Din is nearly complete. Once opened, Del Din will become home to the command headquarters of U.S. Army Africa and the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. Construction and outfitting is scheduled to be completed in the spring, and Del Din will be inaugurated at a public ceremony next summer.