The prestigious award is presented to a small number of civilian employees whose careers reflect exceptional devotion to duty and significant contributions of broad scope in policy, scientific, technical or administrative fields of endeavor that have led to increased effectiveness in the operation of DoD.
"I credit my team," Brandt said of the SUAS office members. "They're the reason for this recognition. It's really more a reflection of their dedication and hard work than anything."
In his role with SUAS Product Office, Brandt made significant contributions throughout the evolution and proliferation of multiple unmanned aircraft systems. Along these lines, the award citation states that Brandt "demonstrates visionary leadership and unwavering determination in support of the DoD and its use of SUAS. This support, in the form of SUAS, reduces injuries and deaths and allows America's military forces to engage the enemy using technology previously unimagined."
The SUAS Product Office provides the smallest elements of the tactical force with dedicated unmanned aircraft reconnaissance and surveillance support. Over the past 18 months, this product office has responded to three Joint Operational Needs Statements, resulting in the procurement of more than 300 Puma systems (each system consists of three aircraft) to support route clearance patrols, Brigade Combat Teams, and SOCOM elements. During that same timeframe, the office also planned and executed a Department of the Army-directed surge of Raven assets in Afghanistan, adding 180 Raven systems (three aircraft per system) to the effective combat power of deployed Brigade Combat Teams.
Brandt, who relinquished responsibility for the SUAS product office in August, and is the deputy program manager for the Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle Product Office. (Program Executive Office for Aviation release)