YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - In celebration of the National Nurses Week, May 4-11, professional nurses from Yongsan\'s 121st Combat Support Hospital visited school students to talk about nursing careers.

"The world is becoming extremely short on nurses," said Shirley Dubose, a hospital nurse and coordinator of the visit May 8 to Department of Defense Dependent Schools here. "The purpose of this week is to raise awareness of the important role nurses have in meeting the health care of families around the world, and educate students on how they go about meeting those needs."

The program reached nearly 400 students at Seoul American schools, sharing information about the nursing profession.

"For the elementary school, we had them dress up like surgeons in an operating room with gloves and masks, and they enjoyed it very much," Dubose said. "The middle school students learned hands-on techniques, such as how to listen to heart beats and take blood pressure."

For high school students preparing for a future career, guest speakers explained basic nursing skills, the different jobs nurses perform and how students can become professional nurses.

"We can change the world one patient at a time," Lt. Col. Liz Murray, head nurse of the Women and Infant Care unit at the 121st CSH, told a freshman class.

Virginia Mayberry, a ninth grader, said she dreams of becoming a maternal nurse.

"I definitely want to become a nurse," she said. "The nurses showed me some clear ways to get to certain schools and degrees and the best routes to get into military nursing. I think they gave an honest picture of what it's really like to be one."

"We want to give the students a chance to see what opportunities are in our field and maybe set goals for them if they are interested," said Capt. Robby Frondozo, a certified and registered nurse anesthetist. "For those who had a true interest, we strengthened their knowledge in the area, and for the ones who did not even know about nursing it gave them some additional information on another possible future career."