FORT DRUM, N.Y. -- A promotion for the 10th Mountain Division's (LI) commanding general for support became a family affair during a ceremony Friday on post.

Col. Walter E. Piatt received the rank of brigadier general a little more than one year after the DoD's general officer announcement in September 2011, when he was still serving as commandant of the U.S. Army Infantry School in Fort Benning, Ga.

During the ceremony at the Commons, Piatt's sister, Monica Hamilton, delivered the invocation. Afterwards, she and another sister, Sheila Ulrich, pinned on Piatt's epaulettes.

Piatt's other sister, Mary Piatt-Bruner, presented him with his general officer pistol belt. His best friend, Edward Miller, presented his general officer pistol, and his uncle, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Edwin Ashoff, presented his general officer flag.

As per military tradition, Piatt's wife, Cynthia, and children, Jessica and Joshua, attached his shoulder boards and presented his general officer hat.

"This is a great day, because we are all here together," Piatt told those gathered.

He also took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the North Country and all of the people who help to make Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division (LI) what it is.

Maj. Gen. Mark A. Milley, Fort Drum and10th Mountain Division (LI) commander, served as presiding and promoting officer for the ceremony.

"This is the Piatts' day," Milley said in his opening remarks.

After he introduced the Piatt Family, Milley noted the significance of Piatt's background.
"There is some greatness in the Family, and there is greatness where Walt came from," the commanding general said.

Milley highlighted Piatt's many accomplishments, including his enlisted time with the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.

He noted that there were only three leadership positions between private and Piatt's current rank that the newly promoted general officer had not held in the Army.

Piatt said he was proud to be a part of the Army's "Dream Team" at Fort Drum and he looks forward to the new challenges that will be laid out before him as part of the 10th Mountain Division.