The fun run and walk, coordinated by the 10th RSG and the United States Army Garrison, Torii Station, Army Substance Abuse Program, was held in conjunction with Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon week is a United States drug awareness campaign that serves as a tool for local communities to educate everyone on drug prevention in hopes of creating a drug free America.

Jim Lovato, ASAP manager, USAG Torii Station, says it was good to cap off a week of educational activities and training with a great community initiative.

"We want to make sure we spread the message about staying away from drugs and alcohol and let people know about the positive things our community can do to impact the local area to defeat the negative issues associated with drugs and alcohol."

Soldiers lined their unit formations with many traditional costumes like "wolverine" and "winnie the pooh" to name a few. There were a few who chose to be creative and start something new and fresh like "foil warrior and safety bandits."

Spc. Timothy Nabonne, 10th RSG, said it took a minute to come up with his own idea for a costume but figured his "foil warrior" costume was a good way to have fun.

"It was fun, I like to dress up for Halloween and it was great to break away from the normal physical training by bring the group together for a fun morning."

Nabonne added although he did not win the costume contest after the fun run there's always good espirit' de corps and motivation during run that makes the event better.

During closing remarks Lavato thank everyone for coming together to enhance the event and looked forward to making the fun run and walk even bigger next year. Lavato added more than 1,500 resource materials such as coloring books and t-shirts were handed out to the community during Red Ribbon week.

"Together we attacked Red Ribbon week as a team and it's great to know that everyone in Okinawa could see that it was a team effort."

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