BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan--U.S. Air Force General William M. Fraser III, commander of U.S. Transportation Command spent about 90 minutes at AFSBn-Kandahar, 401st Army Field Support Brigade Oct. 21 to learn more about how the battalion has streamlined processes and procedures for redistributing and retrograding equipment.

"We discussed our accomplishments during the 23,000 force off-ramp," said Lt. Col. Stanley J. Sliwinski Jr. "We also discussed the amount of equipment I have in my RPAT [redistribution property assistance team] yard awaiting transportation and my plan to reduce my TPE [theater provided equipment], thereby requiring additional transportation."

Sliwinski said they also discussed wash rack capabilities on his footprint as well as facilities in Dubai and Jordan. Requirements for cleaning vehicles leaving Afghanistan depend on their destination. Vehicles transported by TRANSCOM's component command, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, receive a 'full customs cleaning' when they are destined for shipment directly to the United States. The full customs cleaning takes at least six hours per vehicle. However, vehicles destined for staging at certain ports in the region receive a 'forward agricultural cleaning' before leaving Afghanistan which takes about one hour per vehicle. These vehicles receive the full customs cleaning before being loaded onto vessels for the United States. The 401st is able to achieve greater velocity when vehicles receive the full customs cleaning after being removed from the 401st property book.

Captain Nicholas J. Tommaso, AFSBn-KAF Redistribution Property Assistance Team officer in charge briefed Fraser on RPAT procedures and showed him some of the vehicles and non-rolling stock awaiting transportation.

Fraser was also briefed by Joseph W. Frye, CECOM retrograde officer in charge on CECOM equipment retrograde procedures. Communications and Electronics Command has personnel at RPAT yards to assist in identifying equipment and processing dispositions instructions.

U.S. Transportation Command and SDDC are critical partners in the 401st AFSB mission to retrograde thousands of pieces of non-mission essential equipment from the Combined Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan.