Twenty-nine years ago this week, twenty-three technical intelligence
(TECHINT) analysts from the 513th Military Intelligence Group deployed to
the Caribbean Island of Grenada in support of Operation URGENT FURY. On 27
October, two days after the initial invasion, the Army first tasked the US
Army Intelligence and Security Command to deploy the analysts to support
XVIII Airborne Corps. Over the ensuing weeks, the 513th MI Group deployed
the analysts from the 203d Military Intelligence Battalion to identify,
collect, and sort captured foreign equipment. Most of the deployed 203d
Soldiers formed a modified Captured Material Exploitation Center. They
operated a collection point that would ship the significant items to
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland for more detailed examination.
Unfortunately, widespread pilfering and destruction of some of the other
Soviet-made equipment limited the Army's abilities to fully exploit the
materiel. Nevertheless, the TECHINT analysts were able to ship off ZU-23
anti-aircraft guns, 82 mm mortars, and a BRDM-2 reconnaissance vehicle. The
last of the 513th's analysts departed Grenada in the early December 1983.

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