To reduce redundancies, the Army Contracting Command realigned its training mission from the deputy chief of staff operations G3 to the deputy chief of staff human capital G1 effective Oct. 1.

According to William Baxter, deputy chief of staff human capital G1, the decision was made to realign military training to the G1 to improve training oversight in some areas and, more importantly, to develop a common operating process for both civilian and military training.

"We are realigning all training assets under a single staff element," he said. "This will allow the command to better develop a common operating picture for contracting skills development for our civilian and military workforce."

According to Baxter, civilian training has been under the G1; however, military training was under the G3. He said the merger enhances the command's ability to provide the desired training and career development opportunities that the command's integrated workforce needs, regardless of whether the training is military or civilian.

"The new training branch will report directly to the G1," Baxter said. "As we integrate military and civilian training, it is important that we take an even closer look at training and development to ensure we have the best programs in place for our total workforce. Current plans are to bring a military deputy G1 on board to serve as the primary leader over the training programs."

The move will only affect those individuals who are being realigned from the G3 into the G1, Baxter said. Eight positions are being realigned to the G1. Six of the positions are currently filled.

"Employees will see this as a seamless transition," he said. "The only change they will experience will be improved services and a more comprehensive approach to the management of their training and development from the headquarters staff."