LEMC Provides 630th Transportation Company Training Opportunity
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LETTERKENNY, Pa. -- Five Army Reserve Soldiers from the 630th Transportation Company recently received valuable training at the Letterkenny Munitions Center that helped save $6,350 in labor and transportation costs for the ammunition site.

The Soldiers were part of the 630th advanced echelon team getting ready for their two weeks of annual training. LEMC needed additional tractor trailers and drivers to move 127 shipping containers from various docks and lots. The 630th Transportation Company, which is co-located with LEMC on Letterkenny Army Depot, was able to provide five drivers and three tractor trailers to support the request.

"I am very proud of the Soldiers. The Soldiers present for ADVON were expecting to load cots and inspect tents in advance of our departure for annual training, not meet the demands of a transportation mission. The Soldiers reacted effectively, organized themselves to meet both demands and executed professionally," 630th Transportation Company Commander Captain Anthony Bury said. "The Soldiers arrived early and often left 12 hours later in order to meet the demands. Not only did the Soldiers complete the LEMC mission, but they prepared 52 vehicles by installing communications equipment and completing preventive maintenance checks and services and repairs, and loaded unit equipment to support 109 Soldiers for our two week field exercise."

After a short mission briefing, the Soldiers loaded their trailers for the first of many trips. The Soldiers worked independently and were able to hone their transportation skills in loading and unloading cargo and transporting cargo over the road. This type of mission is no different than a mission they would perform in the United States or overseas.

"The 630th Transportation Company mission is to provide bulk petroleum distribution, but our drivers can be called upon to operate various equipment in different modes. Partnering with LEMC provides the opportunity to train the unit's drivers to meet this demand while reinforcing their basic skill set," Bury said.

The Soldiers moved 44 beyond economically repairable containers from the non- conforming material lot to a long term storage location. They also moved 83 serviceable/repairable shipping containers to the container repair shop. Additionally, the movement of these containers helped the LEMC container repair shop meet their production requirement. With help of the 630th Transportation Company, LEMC saved $6,350.00 in labor and transportation costs.

The mission was a success for both the 630th Transportation Company and the Letterkenny Munitions Center. Bury stated that he is looking forward to being able to support the Letterkenny Munitions Center and gain "real world" training opportunities necessary to ensure Unit and Soldier success.

"Missions like these provide the unit the opportunity to utilize our equipment," Bury said. "This ensures the fleet remains operational and allows our maintenance section the chance to identify issues. Moreover, by utilizing the equipment we ensure we are able to keep the equipment on hand at the unit and do not have to place it in storage at an Equipment Consolidation Site. Ultimately this allows the unit to keep more vehicles on hand for training and mission support."

Physically located at Letterkenney Army Depot, Chambersburg, Pa., LEMC is a government owned, government operated installation. Since 1999, command and control of LEMC have been under Crane Army Ammunition Activity as a directorate.