YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan invited over 100 Korean National Policemen onto the Army installation in the middle of the city of Seoul to thank the KNPs for their vigilant service to safety here, Oct.15.

Patrolling and guarding around the boundaries of the post, the KNPs have played a pivotal role in keeping the garrison safe. The KNPs were given a unique opportunity to see the inside of what they were guarding.

"I was always wondering what was inside of the wall I was protecting," said Sgt. Cha Gyung-jae from Yongsan Police Task Force. "I was given a great tour, and now I know it. I always thought U.S Army garrison was a far-fetched place, but through today's event, it became more real. It was a great experience, and I thank Yongsan Garrison for the special event."

Korean National Police and Yongsan Garrison have forged a strong friendship, and Col. Michael E. Masley, garrison commander for USAG Yongsan, took time to praise the KNPs for their dedicated service.

"The Servicemembers, Families, and Civilians you protect owe you a debt of gratitude." Masley said. "Thank you for your efforts to increase the safety and protect the rights of everyone in Yongsan. I have such great respect for all of you working in law enforcement. It is not an easy career and it is one that poses specific challenges."

After the award ceremony, the KNP was given a brief tour of the garrison and treated to a newly released American movie.