The Army and the Program Executive Office for Aviation have joined the ranks of those using Lean Six Sigma as their business transformation enabler.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Office completed a new employee in-processing improvement initiative. The UAS team was experiencing significant delays, lack of clear procedures and unnecessary stress.

After conducting the process-improvement effort using LSS, the team reduced new employee processing time by 75 percent, documenting a cost avoidance of $2 million for fiscal years 2008 through 2014.

The team also established clear, repeatable procedures for future business transformation use.

Col. Tim Crosby, deputy program executive officer for aviation, told the UAS team that its efforts were appreciated, and encouraged it to always challenge the status quo.

"It is no longer acceptable to say 'because we have always done it that way," Crosby said. "Lean Six Sigma should be part of our fabric and daily activity. LSS are simple but powerful tools that can change the way we solve problems and improve processes."

He emphasized the importance of learning the industry-proven LSS approach through available yellow, green and black belt classes. For more information, call Joe Kendig at 313-4027.