FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (Oct. 4, 2012) -- Two years after a work order was submitted for a new floor and speaker system, the aerobics room at Gaffney Fitness Center is finally equipped for its aerobics classes.

Closed for about two weeks for the renovations, the aerobics room opened for classes Monday with upgrades that include a new rubberized floor with more padding and a new sound system with larger speakers, a new CD player, iPod dock and headset for instructors.

"The flooring was older; it was originally from when we had the cardio equipment downstairs," said Lauren Williams, acting chief of athletics, fitness and aquatics. "There were old outlets in the floor, which is a tripping hazard. It didn't have as much give to it for aerobics, so we upgraded it."

In addition to the rubber material, the floor also was leveled out and a thicker padding added to give more cushion to accommodate the step, yoga, power pump and Zumba classes held there. The outlets in the floor also were removed, taking away the tripping hazard.

The new speaker system was requested by the instructors.

"Before, they were working on a little stand-alone system," Williams said. "This will be much better."

Once the floor and upgrades were installed, the room opened Monday for a new schedule of courses.

"The floor is a great improvement to the room," Williams said. "It will be better for our aerobics program.