FORWARD OPERATING BASE ISKAN, Iraq (Army News Service, April 29, 2008) - A team of motivated and well trained Iraqi Policemen honed their skills and gained more in-depth training from a small group of Soldiers, April 23 at Forward Operating Base Iskan.

Soldiers from 4th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Inf. Div., teamed up with the Tahrir Iraqi Police Station to reinforce basic police procedures, including vehicle and personnel searches.

"My soldiers were pretty impressed with the knowledge and proficiency that these IPs possessed," said 1st Lt. Greg Hope. "We definitely underestimated their abilities, and we were pleasantly surprised by their performance."

Hope initiated the IP training by offering his platoon's expertise to Lt. Col. Kareem, the Tahrir IP chief. Kareem responded positively to the training, believing that the training would be a benefit and welcomed any advice the unit had.

The IPs arrived with Maj. Hussein, the officer in charge of the IP officers. Upon arrival, the IPs were recognized as some of the most proficient and skilled from the Tahrir department, said Hope.

Kareem sent his best men to the training, Hope said. Two of the IPs had attended a two-month course in Jordan designed to teach basic police skills.

During the training Coalition forces reached several conclusions. The IPs were motivated and appreciated the tips they received to improve their performance, Hope said. The Tahrir IP department has sufficient knowledge to train its entire force, and an internal training program needs to be established in order to share the knowledge that some of the stronger officers have, Hope added.

"Now we just need to work with the Military Police Platoon on FOB Iskan to develop a training program so that these IPs can spread their knowledge to the rest of the Tahrir IPs," said Hope.

(1st Lt. William Perdue serves with the 3-7th Inf. Regt., 4th BCT, 3rd Inf. Div. Public Affairs Office)