Seoul, Republic of Korea -- Members of the Yongsan-gu Korean American Friendship Council and U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan met to discuss their most recent efforts to improve relations between the ROK and U.S., Sep. 25.

Members of both parties discussed past success and look forward to upcoming events that would boost the ROK-U.S. alliance. Sung Jang Hyun, mayor of Yongsan-gu, and Col. Michael E. Masley, garrison commander of U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, were among those who attended the quarterly gathering.

After extending greetings to all those present, Sung welcomed the newest members of the KAFC: Kim Tae-hyung, superintendent of the Yongsan Tax Office; and Cho Sun-hyung, chairman and professor at Sun Chun National University.

"Thank you so much for this very warm welcome," Masley said. "It is a great honor for me and the USAG Yongsan team to be here."

Masley explained that relations between the two nations rested on the efforts of its people to improve the alliance. Masley expressed the peace he felt in knowing that the Yongsan-gu KAFC were all people dedicated to improving this alliance.

According to Sung, the reason that the ROK-U.S. alliance was so strong was because of the shared values that made up the core of both countries. This core referred to the desire for both nations to pursue peace and a prosperous life.

"Having our family-like bond as a foundation, we hope the members of the KAFC can participate actively in improving the ROK-U.S. alliance and collaborate in making Yongsan a more rich and beautiful place," Sung said.

Upcoming events include a Fall Friendship Festival, which will be hosted on USAG Yongsan, Oct. 6, 2012 as well as the 2012 Itaewon Global Village Festival, which will be held in Itaewon from Oct. 12-14, 2012.