Concrete T-walls surround just about every living and working area on Victory Base Complex. At night, very few areas are illuminated to keep our visual footprint small. There are so many measures to protect us from outside threats that it leaves many vulnerable to the dangers right next door. Light discipline and barriers are key ways to protect our servicemembers, but when does physical security need to take a backseat to personal security'
Servicemembers on VBC are told to travel in buddy teams, carry flashlights and remain aware of their surroundings to prevent sexual assault, but what about for those early morning bathroom runs when you're half awake and your roommate is fast asleep'
T-walls severely limit your ability to stay situationally aware. They prevent you from seeing people waiting just on the other side of your room or right at the entrance to the bathroom. It also prevents others from seeing you in the event of an assault.
Numerous amounts of T-wsall structures also create concealed locations created where an assault could occur unnoticed.
The lack of adequate lighting compounds this problem. Even with a flashlight, it's hard to see individuals standing in the shadows.
Not to mention the blindness that results from leaving a well-lit trailer or bathroom. Then it's impossible to see anything.
Servicemembers shouldn't have to live in fear of sexual assault. They shouldn't have to stare nervously into the darkness every time they head to the bathroom, shower or their night shift.
I understand we can't endanger Camp Victory by lighting it up like Christmas, but a little extra illumination on commonly traveled paths, at showers and bathrooms would go a long way to increasing personal safety.