Texas-based military trainers seek better ways to do business

By Maj. Adam Collett (75th TC)September 25, 2012

Long-distance staff training coming to the Reserve Component
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HOUSTON, Texas (Sept. 25, 2012) -- The Army Reserve's 75th Training Command is currently developing a new method for delivering simulation exercises aimed at preparing military command staffs for deployments and other missions.

Historically, such exercises have been conducted at centralized facilities configured to allow facilitators and participating units to hardwire systems together for the simulation.

The command, which has supported nearly 400 units since 2009 alone, is now developing a Distributed Simulations Capability wherein all entities -- both military units and civilian agencies -- could participate in an exercise from multiple remote locations, as long as DoD network connectivity is available.

Unit leaders contend that the goal of the DSC program is to maintain a high level of training quality while minimizing overhead, in terms of financial cost as well as travel and set up time.

"Under the legacy model, a three-day simulation takes seven days to support, once you factor in shipping of the hardware, set up and tear down," said Col. Thomas Murphree, operations officer for the division. "If we are successful in launching this system, that same three-day exercise could be supported in just over three calendar days."

The unit acknowledges that there is much work to do to complete and test the system in the coming months, but contends that efforts like this one are critical.

"In this era of constrained budgets, organizations at all levels must provide value to the American taxpayer by demonstrating flexibility, responsiveness and innovation," said Maj. Gen. Jimmie Jaye Wells, division commander. "Overall, the Army Reserve provides great capability at a low cost. The 75th is committed to implementing that same dynamic in the realm of staff training."

The 75th Training Command prepares large military units for deployments and other missions by conducting live and virtual scenario-based training, while mentoring senior leaders on effective organizational decision-making.

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