FORT POLK, La. ---- Soldiers from Company B, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, trained for an upcoming objective during a field training exercise at the Joint Readiness Training Center Sept. 12.

Soldiers dug defensive fighting positions in preparation for any attacks by the enemy during training. Staff Sgt. Michael Foster, squad leader for Company B, said he enjoys seeing how well his guys can do maintaining their goals.

The Soldiers, who have been training in support of the exercise for more than a week, welcomed the new challenges they faced and completed the mission.

"It's a little different than what we're used to. We usually train for Afghanistan but it's good to do something a little different to broaden our knowledge and experience," said Foster.

Pvt. Derek Poore, a combat engineer assigned to Company A, Brigade Special Troops Battalion, along with his squad, supported the mission for 2/30. Poore said he likes training.

"I love to be out here doing my job," said Poore. "I enjoy coming out here with the squad and doing what I signed up to do."

Poore said he has seen the cohesion of his squad increase during the exercise and enjoys each moment. "We work hard together," said Poore. "We also like to joke and kid around with each other to lighten things up sometimes but we get the job done."

Poore said the work he and other Soldiers put into prepping for the fight are what made this exercise successful. "With how far we set the concertina wire out, if the (opposing forces) try to come around the sides, they will meet an unwelcome surprise."

Foster said he believes the work his Soldiers are doing will help with any training the Army sends their way. "I think they're doing pretty well. They were trained to expect a lot of changes, so we'll often train for one scenario and end up executing something else, but the Soldiers adapt to the changes really well."