SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- When the 84th Engineer Battalion, 130th Engineer Brigade, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, deploys early next year, they will start thinking, "Accelerate your life," because they will be working side-by-side with the Navy.

Throughout the deployment, the 84th Eng. Bn. will still maintain its traditions and daily operations within the battalion, but will adapt to the 30th Navy Construction Regiment's methods of construction, reporting, and construction standards.

"Integrating the Navy's construction process with the Army's is a continuous learning process," said 2nd Lt. Josephine Kim, a horizontal platoon leader with the 84th Eng. Bn. "It has been a challenging, exciting, and rewarding experience so far."

The training created for this unique deployment is called the Construction Leader Certification Course. During the course, platoon leaders were told to create the Navy's Five Folder Project Package having no prior experience with this system.

Upon project completion, the platoon leaders presented their construction plans to the Lt. Col. Aaron Reisinger, 84th Eng. Bn. commander; Command Sgt. Maj. Joe Constante, the 84th Eng. Bn. command sergeant major; and several members of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. After the presentations, the platoon leaders took a week-long class on the Navy's Five Folder Project Package taught by the 30th NCR.

The platoon leaders received another set of construction plans and were then told to create the package again, but this time, they were prepared.

"I think that the Navy puts a much greater emphasis on project management than we do, and the Navy spends more time focusing on the details," said vertical platoon leader, 1st Lt. Nick Reisweber, of the Construction Leader Certification Course. "The course allowed us to see how much work we have to do to compete at their level. With proper training of our squad leaders, we too can perform at that level if not better."

Beginning Sept. 15, the platoon leaders along with their platoons will construct the project they previously briefed. Throughout the training exercise, platoons will experience long work hours, eating meals ready to eat, using heavy construction equipment, and adapting to the Navy's construction process.

"After successful project completion, the platoon leaders will be certified on the upcoming mission demands and ensure they are meeting the design, construction, and reporting standards as outlined by 30th NCR," said Cpt. Jonathan Browning, the Construction Leader Certification Course's head planner.

"The project management styles between the branches are very different," said 1st Lt. Andrew Cammack, the coordinator of the Construction Leader Certification Course. "To take on this mission will require a major shift in our planning and execution of construction. Change like this is always painful at first, but we'll see the fruits of our work a few months into the deployment. Understanding the Navy style of project management is only going to help us be more effective in our missions."