The Army has launched a website designed to substantially reduce the chance for error on pay and personnel issues.

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A) will also serve as a repository for comprehensive human resources records for each Soldier. The website is at

The system will be deployed in multiple releases over five years, beginning next spring. During subsequent releases, the Army will launch additional capabilities building on previous ones.
The website will provide substantial benefits to First Army Soldiers, according to Ruben Acosta, Deputy Chief of the Strength Management Division for First Army G1.

"IPPS-A will provide improved online access to the Soldier's personnel record and the ability to initiate Human Resources personnel action requests 24 hours a day via IPPS-A's web portal," Acosta said.

Soldiers will be able to select benefit options, enroll in the Thrift Savings Plan, change direct deposit information, monitor human resources actions, and update their personal information.

"Soldiers can be confident that a submitted adjustment will be applied across the system once approved by assigned HR Professionals in IPPS-A," Acosta said. "As Soldiers transition between assignments, deployments, and components, IPPS-A will assist them in more easily executing their mobilization and demobilization."

The first release next spring will provide a centralized source of personnel and pay information.
In addition, users will be able to access the Soldier Record Brief, which will eventually replace the Enlisted Record Brief and Officer Record Brief.

When fully implemented, the system will feature a comprehensive personnel and pay record for each Soldier. It will also track Soldier transitions and make personnel and pay information more accessible online.

The system will also serve Soldiers who are transitioning between components. Personnel and pay transitions will be done electronically and enable human resource professionals and leaders to more easily approve and process transactions.

Additionally, IPPS-A will convert retirement points for Guardsmen and Reservists from legacy systems, and will calculate and maintain any points earned after implementation. The system will serve as the main source of data for computing Reserve retirement eligibility.

The Army recognizes that transitions between components currently pose information transfer challenges for Soldiers. In response to this challenge, IPPS-A's multi-Component database will create a system that better facilitates Soldiers' transitions, or continuum of service, between Active and Reserve Components.