Even in rainy weather, depot members showed their support during a rollout ceremony April 8 for the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle.

The ASV will be restored to like-new condition at Red River Army Depot. On hand for the ceremony were TACOM Life Cycle Management Command Deputy Commander Jack Dugan, Brig. Gen. David Quantock, commandant for U.S. Army Military Police School and Tom Walmsly, general manager for Textron.

"This partnership is important not only for our workforce but also for our nation so that we are able to bring these vehicles back to an operational status," said Col. Douglas J. Evans, RRAD commander. "It is extremely important for the Warfighter that we are as efficient as possible."

According to Evans, the story of the ASV began when the Army began having concerns with the HMMWV leading convoys into Iraq. The Army then began using the ASV instead of the HMMWV to go in before all other vehicles to check out the area during military police convoys.

Giving the Soldiers more survivability, the ASV serves as a battlefield-proven, convoy protection vehicle. It boasts an operational readiness rate consistently averaging 90 to 95% despite logging more than 30,000 miles per year in combat operations.

"This reset process that will rollout today is another vital part of the equipment used to help protect our sons and daughters fighting the war against terrorism," said Dugan. "This is the premier depot in the Department of Defense."

The ceremony marks the foundation between Red River and Textron Marine & Land Systems. The initial relationship began after Hurricane Katrina heavily damaged Textron's Louisiana manufacturing facility. At that time, Textron recognized that RRAD could assist them with the work on the ASV.

"During the early negotiation stages I recognized two noticeable points about Red River," said Walmsly. "First, the constant reminder of why we do this - the solider silhouette - has strengthened our connection to the purpose of the ASV. I also noticed the Red River culture of your dedication and quality of work. Our working relationship has been phenomenal from day one."

Walmsly also stated that he hopes all ASV vehicles will eventually come through RRAD for rework purposes.

Entering production in 1999, the ASV has current contracts totaling more than 1,900 vehicles. Currently there are a little over 800 ASV's in theater.

Founded in 1969, Textron manufactures specialty vehicles and equipment for military and commercial use Craft Air Cushion for the U.S. Navy, the Motor Life Boat for the U.S. Coast Guard and Cadillac Gage turret systems.

"We realized early in the relationship that Textron has the same mentality that RRAD has - to do their best work to provide a quality product," said Evans. "It is a pleasure for RRAD to be the home of the ASV."