CHAGUANAS, Trinidiad - Col. Robert Casias, commander of the Partnership for the Americas Engagement Team -Caribbean, spoke to the Chaguanas Rotary Club in Trinidad Apr. 22 about Beyond the Horizon 2008, an international humanitarian mission sponsored by U.S. Southern Command and planned and supervised by U.S. Army South.

Casias, a National Guardsman from Texas who serves in U.S. Army South at Fort Sam Houston, presented the Rotary Club with a certificate of appreciation for all the work they have done in their community. In return, the club presented Casias with a Chaguanas Rotary Club banner to show their appreciation for all the help their community has received from Beyond the Horizon.

The engineers under Casias' command are currently building two schools and one clinic, and several different medical treatment clinics are scheduled to be held in Trinidad and Tobago as part of Beyond the Horizon.

"Our purpose here is to work with the defense ministry forces," said Casias, who added that he has been fortunate enough to have visited about 25 different countries in the region.

Casias also talked to the Rotary Club about the reverse osmosis water purification system that can turn salt water into drinkable water.

The Rotary Club is a worldwide non-profit organization. There are 21 different clubs in Trinidad.

One of the projects the Chaguanas Rotary Club is working on is getting wheelchairs for people who need them. They are also encouraging youth development.