WEST POINT, N.Y. (Sept. 12, 2012) -- Jim Cordle hesitated when asked to sign the firefighter's helmet worn during post-9/11 recovery operations at Ground Zero. The N.Y. Giants offensive lineman wanted to be sure it was OK to mark up something so memorable, but West Point Firefighter Timothy Say said it was fine.

"That was a surreal experience for me and I wanted to make sure I should sign it," Cordle said. "I'll always remember that moment here today at the West Point Fire Department. Whatever we can do to help is great."

Say was volunteering with the Rockland County Technical Rescue Crew and Cordle was years from making his start in the NFL. Now it was his turn to give back.

"Certainly New York sports have been a big part of the healing process for so many after 9/11," Cordle said.

Cordle and Domenik Hixon, the Giants' wide receiver, visited the Stony Lonesome Fire Station Tuesday and had lunch with West Point firefighters and emergency personnel. They also presented a check for $5,000 as part of the Giants' ongoing Adopt-A-Fire Station program. Other team members visited local fire stations in the N.Y.-New Jersey area.

"It's obviously a huge morale booster for us today," West Point Fire Chief Chris Reed said. "West Point is a national treasure for all of us here, and for them to come and recognize us is a big honor."

Hixon said it was an honor for them to visit West Point. He enjoyed talking football with the civilian and military personnel here, and rode in one of the fire trucks.

"We appreciate so much of what they do and they don't get enough credit for sacrificing pretty much their whole lives in providing America with freedom," he said.