Carlisle Barracks, Pa., -- First Sgt. Sabrina Washington called roll call. "Lt. General Timothy J. Maude. Col. Canfield D. Boone. Col. Richard C. Rescorla. Lt. Gen. Parami Kuatunge. Col. Briand D. Allgood. Col. John M. McHugh. "

"They are no longer with us," replied a member of the formation.

Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett joined Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo and the United States Army War College community to begin Sept. 11, 2012 with this somber reminder and a ceremony dedicated to the college alumni, police, firemen, emergency responders, civilians and the members of the US Armed Forces who perished on September 11, 2001 and those who have sacrificed their lives in the past decade defending the nation.

"The best monument we can build to the brave men and women who stood sentinel is to protect the values and liberties for which they gave their last full measure," said Corbett.

"We are a nation that understands that to live in fear is to live in bondage."

Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo set the tone for the observance here, noting that this audience, every day, wake up and recommit their lives to the ideals of the United States Constitution.

"Our expertise is in the force of arms, and, unfortunately, due to the events we recall today, we are well-practiced in the discriminating violence required in that expertise," he said.

"Our experience with the evil in this world is recent," he said. "The concept of true sacrifice is well known, personal, and fresh in our minds."

Army War College student Lt. Col. Timothy Holman was at the Pentagon during the attacks and called the remembrance ceremony surreal.

"I kind of relive the moment and try to think about some of the people I lost."

They are no longer with us.