KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Bravo Company, 427th Brigade Support Battalion arrived in Afghanistan four months ago, but the mission continues to change.

The company was initially organized into six types of teams -- Deployment/ Redeployment Operations (D/ROPS), Base Closure Assessment Teams (BCAT), Customs and Agricultural Clearance Team (C&AC), Mobile Container Assessment and Accountability Team (MCAAT), Mobile Redistribution Team (MRT) and a headquarters element.

The mission was a simple and yet complex idea: reorganize and redistribute material from American military bases all over Afghanistan.

The MCATs originated from two sister companies, B Co. 427th BSB and Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 427th BSB, and were located all over Afghanistan.

B Co. continues to field these teams, but requirements contintue to change. Experience has taught decision makers what works, but most importantly, what doesn't work.

The problem arose that in order to determine what bases needed MCAT assistance, someone had to assess the bases.

The BCATs were not synchronized MCATs. As a result, both the MCAT and BCAT teams were combined into a slightly larger teams and relocated to different sectors of Afghanistan at the same time.

"I liked what I was doing at Phoenix, it was pretty cool, but its nice to come back and actually be with B Co.," said Spc. Ian Yannantuono, a Soldier working directly for senior officers in BCAT 13.

Spc. Charles Malican stated, "It's nice to be on Kandahar with [additional resources], instead of just a 3-man team."

427th BSB Soldiers show great resilency, and are eager to complete the mission. As the Afghan security forces continue transition, the needs and focuses of B Co. will adapt and react to the needs of the units trying to transition the country smoothly, easily, and at the lowest cost to the US Government.