PAKTIKA PROVINCE, Afghanistan -- Two years ago, Spc. Rosy Lewis worked as a civilian on Fort Riley, Kan., as a human resource representative. Although she was great at providing service to the Soldiers, she didn't understand the service that they provided to their country.

After much thought, Lewis decided that to provide the best service to Soldiers, she would need to serve as one.

"I decided to join the Army for several reasons. I felt like I needed to be a Soldier to be able to fully understand their needs," she said. "The other reason was to provide a better life for my two boys."

Lewis is currently serving with the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, as a paralegal specialist. Marking her first deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, the El Centro, Calif., has gained a better understanding of the rigors of selfless service.

"As a civilian, I took for granted being with family," she said. "Obviously, I was never without my boys before.

"Mentally and emotionally, this is something I could never just guess Soldiers went through - this is real," she added.

With just two years in the Army, Lewis has stepped up to her calling of service. In her scope of work, she provides legal assistance to three officers and two enlisted Soldiers serving Task Force 4-1.

In addition to pulling force protection guard duty on one of the several towers overlooking the landscape of Foward Operating Base Sharana, Lewis provides legal review of investigations and detainee operations and is witnesses the payment of claims.

With all this on her plate, Lewis said that her sons Anthony, 12, and Ty, 8, are always on her mind.

"I miss my boys," she said. "One day I made a phone call and spoke to my youngest son and he told me he wanted me 'out the Army,' (and) it got to me a little bit."