FORT RUCKER, Ala. (August 30, 2012) -- Fort Rucker's ninth annual Area Job Fair Aug. 22 drew nearly 2,000 job-seekers, a total of 40 employers, and resulted in one on-the-spot hire, 1,582 interviews and more than 350 potential hires.

Co-sponsored by Army Community Service Employment Readiness Program and the Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce, the event hosted 1,872 registered attendees including 102 military personnel and veterans and 97 military Family members, according to Tanya Roberts, Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce director.

"The Ozark Area Chamber of Commerce feels very fortunate to have hosted the Fort Rucker Area Job Fair this year. It was a great value to the Ozark community to have the opportunity for local area job seekers to attend a venue that had 40 employers in one area with a variety of skill sets required," Roberts said.

"Debbie Gaydos, the Fort Rucker Employment Readiness manager with Army Community Service, was a pleasure to work with. She did a wonderful job," Roberts said.

Gaydos said that this year's job fair was well organized, well promoted and that the Chamber's advertising efforts resulted in great attendance.

"We would definitely do it again. I think we all did a good job of advertising the event to the public," Roberts said.

Word of mouth contributed to the attendance of more than 500, with newspapers and social media attracting another 450.

"Given the economic times we are in currently, it felt good seeing so many people have the opportunity to meet with multiple hiring employers in one facility. The Ozark Civic Center was a perfect venue for the job fair with its size and layout. The employers were very pleased with the accommodations," she added.

"We especially appreciated the incredible support provided by The Ozark Civic Center staff and our wonderful team of volunteers whose support helped make this a successful event," Roberts said.