BAUMHOLDER, Germany - Despite her busy school schedule Baumholder's Boys and Girls Club of America Youth of the Year, Abigail Baah, dedicated more than 140 hours of her time this past year to children because she wanted to help shape their future and to familiarize herself for her goal in becoming a child lawyer.
Lt. Col. Mike Sullivan, U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder commander, surprised her recently at the teen center by presenting her with the Youth of the Year medal.
The Boys and Girls Club of America Youth of the Year program was established in 1947. It recognizes club members who have met personal challenges and given back to their community. The winners have served their community and achieved academic success.
"I did that out of my own time because I felt the children needed somebody to be there for them and the staff needed a teenage volunteer and I also did it for my own experience so that later on in the future if I wanted a job I would know how to handle it because I'm looking at being a family lawyer," said Baah.
"I think that it will definitely help me because I get the experience of working with kids and that will help me as a lawyer - to know how to control the children if anything gets out of hand."
"I'm proud of myself and I'm proud of everybody that helped me to get where I am today," she said.
Baah has been here for five years and says she will miss her friends, the teen center and the school.
She is now going to Fort Bliss, Texas, where she will continue her high school education.
"I'm going to miss the school, the teen center and my friends," she said.
"I want to thank everybody who helped me to be where I am today. My first thanks goes to God and the second one is for the staff and all my friends who supported me. It wasn't an easy process but at the end it definitely paid off," said Baah.