FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii - We should never forget that our Nation's strength, freedom, and prosperity would be impossible without the dedication and tireless efforts of the American worker. On September 3rd, we will pay tribute to all of our citizens who have worked so hard to create and sustain this great Nation as we celebrate Labor Day.

Labor Day has also traditionally signaled the end of summer and provided one last time to enjoy the recreational activities that make summer great. However, many of those activities entail greater risks that can lead to tragedy if we lose our focus. Last year, our Labor Day weekend began in tragedy when two of our Soldiers drowned in a completely preventable accident. We cannot let that happen again!

We have already lost four USARPAC Soldiers this year to preventable POV accidents, including three on motorcycles. Leaders must take action to stop this trend by ensuring that every Soldier understands the risks of drinking and driving, as well as the safety, regulatory, and legal requirements for operating a motorcycle. We cannot tolerate unlicensed motorcycle riders, and we must uphold the Army's motorcycle personal protective equipment requirements IAW AR 385-10.

This Labor Day weekend we must all stay engaged by incorporating Risk Management skills in everything we do, at work, at play, and at home. Remember, we need you on the team -- we need you to stay in the fight. Think through each action, make the right decisions, and enjoy a fun, relaxing, accident free weekend.

One Team!

Lieutenant General, USA