FORT RUCKER, Ala. (August 28, 2012) -- To ensure the safety and protection of personnel and equipment Fort Rucker took some necessary precautions to prepare for a potential direct hit by Hurricane Isaac. Although the path of the storm shifted away from the Wiregrass, Fort Rucker was ready.

Late Sunday afternoon the command made the decision to stack Rucker's fleet of training aircraft. The potential weather threat at that time warranted this action and was also chance to practice preparedness measures and gain some currency with the process.

With the threat well to our West, Rucker will now begin the process of unstacking the aircraft and getting them ready for training.

"A lot of hard work and dedication went into the past 24 hours to take a step we thought was a necessary one when the decision was made, as we hadn't exercised our stacking plan since the heavy hurricane season of 2005. While we are extremely relieved the storm is not going to affect the Wiregrass as the early forecasts predicted, we are satisfied that we instead got some awesome training out of this process," said Col. Don Galli, Fort Rucker Chief of Staff.

Personnel should remain vigilant during hurricane season, review personal preparedness check lists, and have a plan. Preparedness helps save lives and strengthens the nation.