TRINIDAD - Sgt. Wrensford Ault of the 786th Quartermaster Battalion, Virgin Islands National Guard, is enjoying his first experience here in Trinidad while participating in Beyond the Horizon, a joint and multinational humanitarian exercise sponsored by U.S. Southern Command and planned and supervised by U.S. Army South.

"It is easy to talk to the Trinidad soldiers here because of our cultural similarities," he said, adding that the culture, food, weather and driving habits are about the same as in the Virgin Islands.

One difference in the two countries is size. Ault said that the Virgin Islands are relatively small compared to Trinidad. The Virgin Islands are only 22 square miles and have approximately 80 thousand people, compared to Trinidad's 1,864 square miles and more than one million people.

The main job for the 786th Quartermaster Battalion here is to do water purification for Beyond the Horizon. Ault tries to help his fellow quartermaster Soldiers out when he is not doing administration work at the headquarters building.

"I help monitor the Soldiers who are here on the ground," he said, adding that he especially enjoys a mission where you can really get your heart into what you are doing.

Ault has been in the Virgin Islands National Guard for six years. He reenlisted again last November. Ault was a banker in his civilian life, but now is hoping to become a human resource specialist in the Active Guard Reserve program.

"I believe that every Soldier should be taken care of," said Ault, "I want to be that person to help them."

Ault moved to the Virgin Islands from Guyana when he was 18 years old. Because he was in Trinidad, Ault said he missed his brother graduating from the Naval Academy basic training.

Since arriving here for his three-week rotation Ault has only been out once, to the mall, but he's looking forward to seeing more of the sites on the morale, welfare and recreation day on Apr. 19.

Ault suggests that Soldiers here get out and see the sites while they can. He said they should experience a steel pan music festival and try some of the local cuisine.
Some items Soldiers can sample are shark burger, jerky chicken, or even cow heel soup.

"Maybe the Soldiers can bring a recipe back to the States with them," he suggested.