With nearly 1.5 million Soldiers (Active/Reserve/Guard) and Civilians in the workforce, our Army is one of the largest employers in the United States and the world. This Labor Day, we honor you for not only defending the American workplace, but for being such a vital and vibrant part of it. Thank you.Many of you will take this long weekend to enjoy one last summer vacation or kick off fall with football games and tailgates. Whatever your plans, we ask that you remember we're still in the most critical time of year for fatal accidents. Now through Oct. 1 can make or break the record year we've had thus far for Soldier safety. Look out for yourself, your buddies and your Families to ensure everyone makes it home.As the temperatures begin to drop these next few months, keep in mind that the change of seasons introduces new hazards while making others less visible. The USACR/Safety Center is launching a new awareness effort, "Know the Signs," in conjunction with an updated seasonal safety campaign format beginning Sept. 4. Someone always knows when a Soldier is taking unnecessary risks, and we want you to take action to save a life.Privately owned vehicle and motorcycle accidents remain the No. 1 killer of Soldiers, and indiscipline is the leading causal factor. Riding season is almost over, so more and more Soldiers will be driving their POVs as the weather gets colder. Left unchecked, indisciplined riding will most certainly give way to indisciplined driving, so we must all stay alert and aware that the risk doesn't go away simply because the vehicle has changed. As Soldiers, we know what right looks like -- so do what's right to keep yourbattle buddies safe.The new campaign, along with related tools and multimedia products designed for your ease of use, will be available at https://safety.army.mil/knowthesigns. As always, we welcome your feedback. This is your campaign, so help us make it what you need it to be!Thank you again for your service in defense of this great nation. Have fun this long weekend, but remember to always play it safe.Army Safe is Army Strong!