Yongsan raises readiness by giving parents a break
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Yongsan raises readiness by giving parents a break
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YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- The Garrison hosted its monthly parents' night out at the Child Development Center, Aug. 17. Numerous parents showed up to drop off their children and spend some personal time.

Each month, to support Servicemembers and Families on U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, Parent and Outreach Services holds a parents' night out and a day out to give parents an opportunity to recharge. These events raise readiness because they allow Community members to relax and take a break from their responsibilities as parents for a brief period of time.

"I think just being a part of the military Community is a big thing and all the hours that these Servicemembers put in is an honor for us to give them time to rest and enjoy some time alone," said Ernest Ray Brown, program assistant for POS.

Lynn Wheeler, a parent dropping off her child for the night, explained that with the busy work schedule of Servicemembers it was a good idea for every parent to utilize the opportunity, regardless of how the time was actually spent. This was because people needed to take a break in order to be able to work effectively. Wheeler also emphasized that married couples needed alone time to keep marital relations strong.

"It allows parents to go out, reconnect, discuss issues in the home, and even remember what it's like to date," Wheeler said. "Sometimes when you've been married for a long time, you forget how to date."

With a healthy marriage, Servicemembers would be able to focus their attention on work and duty, rather than being distracted by issues within the home. This in turn would raise readiness on USAG Yongsan by creating a workforce that is efficient and productive.

Another benefit of parents' night out was its availability. Wheeler said that while there were numerous teens in the Community that could babysit, they were not always regularly available. Parents' night out, however, would be regularly provided.

"My husband and I know that every month we have a date, and it's nice to know that," Wheeler said.

USAG Yongsan offers a parents' night out every third Friday of the month, and a parents' day out every fourth Saturday of the month. In addition, Child Youth and School Services also provide a parents' night out every first Saturday of the month for parents with children enrolled in the CDC. To sign up, contact the CDC at DSN 738-3406.

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