Eighteen youth brought home individual awards in photography, flower arrangement, artwork, mixed media and gardening. In addition, the 4-H Banner they submitted won Grand Champion and the Family Challenge Banner won first place.

Renee Main, program lead, said the school-age children thought up the design for the 4-H Banner, a collage of photos detailing the construction of the center's greenhouse construction project last winter. "It was so good, they had to create a category for it," Main said.

The banner won first place and Grand Champion in the Science-Education display category.

Samantha Devorak took the photos used in the display.

"I thought it was exciting to win first place for my photo series. I had a good time taking pictures of the green house project," Devorak said.

A huge supporter of the greenhouse and garden where the center youths grow spices like thyme, sage and oregano and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage, and celery, Hannah Lee said she was surprised to learn that she won first place for her dried oregano.

"It takes a lot more work than I thought to prepare the herbs to dry them. It was fun to help grow them before I [prepared] them for the fair."

The following youth received awards for their projects:

Samantha Devorak, 1st place, photo series of greenhouse project
Samantha Devorak, 1st place, Robotics Display
Briannah Lloyd, 1st place, Flower Arrangement
Hannah Lee, 1st place, Dried Oregano
Lyania Story-Cruz1st place, parsley; 2nd place, egg plant
Katheryn Rambo, 2nd place, Dried Sage
Rodney Williams, 2nd place, 3-D picture of Spider
Cristina German, 2nd place, 4-H gone wild (diorama)
Cristina German, 2nd place, Dried Rosemary
Susan Gallentine, 2nd place, Leaf Pastel,
Anton Tumaliuan, 3rd place, Photo of a bull
Samantha Devorak, 3rd place, Dried mint
Katheryn Rambo, 4th place, Mixed Media Picture of flag
Lauryn Carr, Clover Participation, Photo of dock at sunset
Samantha Ways, Clover Participation, Photo of ducks
Julissa Story-Cruz, Clover Participation ribbon, Photo of a Squirrel
Cassandra Rivera, Participation, Drawing
Shyann Stolo, Participation, Photo of a Hawk