Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Commander, Col. Fern O. Sumpter held a workforce town hall meeting Aug. 14 in the Spates Community Club. The topic of discussion was her vision for the joint base, focusing on the teamwork effort required to meet her goals.

"We need to be committed to the mission and to each other," said Sumpter. "The mission is important and the mission is going to get done. I rely on you guys to take care of each other."

In the relaxed forum, Sumpter spoke about her background, Family and professional career. She also talked about how important it is for everyone to take care of themselves and their Families. As a breast cancer survivor, Sumpter emphasized how important it is to take care of oneself in order to "stay in the fight."

Her expectations for the command include making force protection a priority, establishing mentorships, solving problems as a team, and staying trained and ready for any mission.

"One thing I know about the joint base is that we always get the mission done. Somehow, regardless of whether there's a personnel shortage, we're short money, or whatever, we get the mission done here," said the commander. "I value that. But the thing I really value is the people who take that next step and strive for excellence when accomplishing the mission."
A self-proclaimed optimist, Sumpter spent the majority of the town hall taking questions, comments and concerns from the staff. Discussion included everything from budgeting to training and mentoring opportunities.

"Hopefully you'll give me the feedback I need to do what I want to do for this base over the next two years," she added.

The Commander is looking to implement new programs in the coming months for everyone on the staff to be able to submit their ideas -- making the joint base run more efficiently and effectively.

In her closing remarks, she thanked everyone for their comments and suggestions and asked everyone to fill out note cards with more ideas. She said if we all pitch in and we all give input, then we can collectively improve the command rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to fix it.